When you think of a Rodeo Clown...you probably don't think Masters Degree in Education.  JJ Harrison hopes you do after you meet him.  Teaching middle school in Walla Walla for 8 years was the best training any clown could ask for.  The Transition however was not so easy.  "It was pretty scary in those early years to wait for the phone to ring" Harrison declared.  The security of a paycheck and healthcare were hard to rush away from while diving into the unpredictable Rodeo arena, but as with most of Harrison's antics it proved to be a winning idea.  Harrison has worked every large rodeo in the Northwest and beyond staying at many rodeos year after year due to his unscripted changing antics.  Though he does admit "the fat suits have become my niche" his walk and talk with the fellow Announcers has proved to be his best acts.  "I love to have an act but honestly the best comedy around isn't going to be any act a clown can do but rather an off the cuff situation that is developed right in front of the audiences eyes."  says Harrison  Without a doubt one of the best guys in the business of finding these moments is Harrison.  As with any profession there is a mark of acceptance, Harrison reached that mark by being selected to the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo as well as seven circuit finals rodeos in his 8 years of experience.  Harrison truly loves his job and the fans he meets but when talking with him you'd never feel what he has accomplished.  "All of my success is due to the love and support I have had along the way.  My family and Partners truly believe in me and my abilities and that is the best award of them all"  says Harrison.  When not entertaining fans in the Arena you'll find him flying airplanes, doing school assemblies or just camping with family.  JJ is sure to be a welcome sight to the (rodeo name)  Rodeo this year!  


JJ Harrison